The North Brookfield Sportsmen’s Club is always looking for responsible individuals and families to become new members.

There are three classes of club memberships:

Family – Married Couple & Children (under 18) – ($95.00/Year)
Senior (Individual) – 18 Years & Older – ($85.00/Year)
Junior – Under Age 18 – ($3.00/Year)

Life – Lifetime Membership – Age 65 after 3 years Paid Membership ($42.50)

Membership Criteria & Procedures

  1. Applicants must have a current member in good standing as a reference. The application must be completed, dated, signed and returned to the membership chairman with the appropriate dues payment. Your member reference must personally sign your application.
  2. Membership applications will be voted on at the next meeting of the club AFTER being posted in the club for one (1) month. Meetings are held at the club on the 2nd Monday of the month, beginning at 7:30 pm. The applicant must be present at the meeting to be voted in. Waivers of this rule may be granted on an individual basis for a valid reason.
  3. Applicants/New Members may be interviewed by a representative of the membership committee by appointment. The interview will include discussions on range rules, firearm safety knowledge and expectations of the club. Applicants who are unfamiliar with firearms or firearm safety will be required to complete a firearms safety course prior to use of any of the ranges.
  4. Membership in the National Rifle Association (NRA) is suggested in order to join the club due to insurance requirements. Membership in the NRA may be obtained at the time of application to the club. member will be requested to provide proof of NRA Membership on an annual basis at the time of renewal.
  5. Non-NRA applicants may pay the base dues PLUS join the NRA’s “Associate Membership” package costing $10.00. (under other memberships)
  6.  *NEW* The club now has a 10 hour per year work requirement for all memberships, or pay additional $50 at renewal.